1973 Plymouth Road Runner By Randy Wages

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This Is My Plymouth Road Runner: 1973 Plymouth Roadrunner. My dad owns a used car dealership in Longview, Texas, When I was 9 a man drove this car to the lot wanting to trade it as a down payment. The car was a little rusted and primered, the car had some family history as being my uncles stepbrothers car in the 70’s, He sold it to my uncle Joe, He sold it to this man. so in 2001 it pulls in the drive at the lot. Dad knows the car, so he traded for it. It sat under the trees at our house for 8 years. When i was 16 my dad started paying me to work at the lot as a salesman. So I started working on my Roadrunner, this is what it is after 3 years on work, I did all the body work myself, and a good job ( not to brag. ) I’ve now got a little over $15,000 in it. And soon i intend to put a 426 hemi in it, I have the 4-speed trans, but need to buy the conversion kit. I can’t wait until it’s finished, It’s been a very fun project, With a lot of late nights in the garage, lots of busted knuckles!

Randy Wages – Longview, Texas

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