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About The Plymouth Roadrunner, photo from factory brochure

Above: Plymouth Roadrunner, from factory advertisement.

Since 1997, the 440magnum Mopar Enthusiast Network has been committed to providing high quality brand and model specific internet sites for mopar enthusiasts. Launched in October 2009, the PlymouthRoadrunner.com site is dedicated to both Plymouth Roadrunner owners and enthusiasts around the world.

The site features the internets largest collection of featured 1968 to 1980 Road Runners. PlymouthRoadRunner.com also offers a great collection of resources about the Plymouth Road Runner including: Information, Links, Photos, Production Numbers and more.

About The Plymouth Roadrunner:

Introduced in 1968 by the Chrysler Corporation, the Plymouth Roadrunner was a musclecar that buyers could actually afford. Building on the Belvedere platform, Plymouth added a special 383-cu.in. big block engine. Engineers added high-performance cylinder heads from the 440 Super Commando with improved ports and 2.08/1.74-inch valves with a HP 440 hydraulic-lifter camshaft. Additional performance improvements included a high-rise cast-iron intake manifold and a Carter AVS four-barrel carburetor and a dual exhaust system. The Roadrunner engine was rated at 335hp and 425-lbs.ft. of torque. The legendary 426 Street Hemi engine was available. The standard transmission was the floor-shifted A-833 four-speed manual with an 11-inch clutch.

The interior was basic and included a bench seat and no carpeting, just rubber floor mats. On the outside the Roadrunner included decals from the famous Warner Brothers cartoon bird. A horn that went "beep-beep" was included. The base price of the Plymouth Roadrunner was $2896, for more information on the Plymouth Roadrunner visit our information section.

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